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Thinking Outside the Book

How are you doing in the race for relevance? If one of your association’s main value prepositions has been the collecting and sharing of information, but you haven’t embraced innovations in digital publishing, your relevancy is fading fast.

The pace of technology advancements in publishing can be overwhelming. However, it is disruptive environments like digital publishing that create opportunity for innovative thinking and solutions.

Associations have advantages with which to leverage these innovations. They have great, often member- created content and well-defined processes for gather- ing it. They have established communities built over time, something every publisher and organization is racing for.  Many associations are now considering an investment in digital publishing as part of their
growth strategy. The right plan of action can protect or grow an association’s relevance, revenues, membership and value. Each is quantifiable and should be part of a digital strategy ROI.

So what are others “doing” to meet this challenge? Here are three stories at different points on the paths to exploring digital publishing solutions.

Read the rest of this article shared with Permission from VantagePoint – Wisconsin Society of Association Executives http://www.wsae.org



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