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Sports Figures move over… Authors are coming!

Photo Credit to: Tina Phillips for Reader with imaged enhanced to include the ball.

On January 10, 2011 Skip Prichard, President & CEO Ingram Content Group posted on his personal blog “Wagging the Tail” where he commented on Seth Godin blog post “How The Long Tail Cripples Bonus Content/Multimedia” about Skips Huffington Post interview “How Will We Read? The Book Makers” on the Future of the Book.   Seth claimed that the long tail has hit the book business hard, and e-books will exceed a million new titles in 2012.  Because of this, all of the ideas Skip discussed (which Seth calls “breathtaking visions of the future” like embedded video and audio, plot twists, or alternative endings) he characterizes as “economically ridiculous.”

My two cents…

I do believe Seth is right, we will see an explosion in new authors and books of all levels of quality making it difficult to identify the best.  But as Social Media and Communities mature we’ll have a more effective ways to identify the truly talented… and many more than we have/can today.

At the same time while publishers are giving up their control of who get’s published they will be embracing technology, education and innovation.   As with any industry the early stages will have ups and downs.   Pricing and sustainable business models and methods will be an initial challenge.  But I think Skips visions will come true, sooner than some think (sorry Seth, although I’m not sure you’d disagree) and beyond most of our ability to predict today.  By having better ways to identify the talented authors and technologies among us they will turn reading into rich experiences and help to increase education exponentially.

And, back to Seth’s visioning, this will empower the artists among us and give them new platforms to enrich our lives.  Move over sports figures… authors and artists are after the hearts and wallets of all of us.

What do you think?   Who wins more of your time and money in the future…  Kathryn Stockett vs. Andy Dalton