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Strategic Planning and the Not-for-Profit Publisher

Some good insights into what a “Strategic Thinking” process should be like. True both both for and not-for profit companies. The biggest challenge to to think across silos, not in them. Across department, functional areas, teams, budgets. Until that’s done we just get more of the same with a small improvement….while the rest of the world races by.

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Strategic Planning and the Not-for-Profit Publisher

1.  What will the world in which the organization operates look like in a specific amount of time?

That picture of the world 5 years from now is the company’s vision.

2.  What role do we want the organization to play in that future world?

That place in the picture is the company mission.

3.  How do we get there from here?

The strategy is how to get there from here.
Asking the questions is the easy part.   Take a look at your strategy process.  Is is a cross functional process.  All all players given an equal voice?  Well, at least heard?   Is the CEO really pushing the group to be innovative, how can you shake it up, is there more to our mission than is getting done?  Are you moving from “protection” to “growing”?

Again, my two cents…what are yours?  What ideas to you have to share up the process?


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