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The Future of Publishing can be Summed Up in One Word: Community.

The publishing industry is going through great change.    eBooks are changing the way we read books and because eBooks are cheaper to produce and distribute it’s create a huge increase in the number of books.   The challenge that remains is marketing.

To do that more effectively eBook distributors are turning to what Associations have known and fosters for years – community – members.   But the for-profit world is getting it.   Now there is a race for “members”.

Anthony Horvath, Founder of Start-Up Bard and Book Publishing said  “If Gutenberg had invented the ebook and print-on-demand technology instead of the printing press, the current publishing model would have never arisen,” Horvath says.  He argues that the future of publishing can be summed up in one word:  community.   Read the full blog here

Mr. Horvath and his eBook Distribution Company are not alone.  Magazine publishers are also in a race to build community and they are also discovering Events as a way to create engagement in the community.

I believe the future of Associations will require Innovations in the way they:

1)   Distribute content, act as a publisher, reaching a growing digital audience

2)   Create events that engage and educate using more collaborative methods for fully leverage the wisdom of the crowd and deepen relationships.  Capturing more content and sharing it digitally.

…and the successful ones will create new value, new revenue streams, by embarrassing and including sponsors into the conversations and selling content to an audience well outside of their current membership.

What do you think?   Is your Association’s vision seeing this??  Are you Innovating???


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