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Print on Demand – In Color

Many publishers including Associations are making Print on Demand (POD) a main staple of ensuring members have access to book titles without the high upfront cost of large print runs and inventory.   However, most print on demand systems are primarily black and white…maybe a few pages of color.

Well thanks to high speed ink jet printing…color throughout the books is possible.   And color can be high in many industry like medical where color images are critical.   As true with many technical or education material in charts, graphs, images and other content.

Ingram Content Group and their print on demand provider Lighting Source, a leader in the print on demand market has now introduced POD color.

Ingram continues to lead the way for Publishers in the embracing of technology to be the world’s leader in proving with both traditional print solutions and digital solutions.


Image Credit:  from Ingram Website


One response to “Print on Demand – In Color

  1. Miami Business Card Printing August 18, 2012 at 2:35 am

    We own a printing company that is stationed in South Florida and uses similar ideas. Good article! I will share with Family & workers!

    Much Thanks!
    Kevin Frankford

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