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Content is King…. but People Rule!

While compelling content is a big part of what gets us engaged.  Publishers, including Associations are spending billions on content management systems to leverage and manage their content.   Most large associations invest 100,000+ in a website although few are truly effectively leveraging that content.   And why… because the focus is on “management” and not finding news ways to connect content to members.

Associations have known that their real value is their members, their community.   The rest of the publishing industry is now also racing to build their community.   Successful publishers are investing in new content tools that focus on community development…. or as this post from paidContent…  Forget about ‘content management’–and focus on ‘audience development

So before you invest in yet another content management system, ask your team if this new one will help you engage your members differently.  Manage across the many channels of distribution.

Can your CMS deliver your content on any device your members or other possibility paying customers want to read your content?

1.  Adjust the focus from audience to individual.

Does your CMS connect with your AMS,  AND able to deliver relevant content that that members wants to see.

2.  Use abundant user data to know what works.   

Are you able to track each document, each page for the matter, to know exactly what content your audience is reading, for how long and if they share it?

3.  Make your systems look forward, not back.

Being relevant is often about what is relevant right now.  That requires your association staff to be constantly aware of what content is relevant, and have a tool that that content… in whatever form it exists can be quickly posed, discovered and searchable… within minutes.

4.  Fully socialize your distribution. 

Forget SEO tricks, the future is about what content people are engaging with.   Can your readers share every document, or even the page they are on with others?  Of course access controls need to be in pace but members should be able to share content they have access to with others that also have access.  Maybe you want anyone to be able to share a page or two with anyone else to learn what is available when you join or purchase.

Innovation requires not just knowing what customers say they want…. but solves problems that they may not be able to describe today.   That requires a lot of listening…. are you listening?


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