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Are You Still Spending Money on Fishing…SEO?

Many companies have bought their way to attention by hiring really smart web experts to “tweak” their site (that’s tweak not tweet), essentially, buying their way into the search engines to get that all-valuable top search page result.

Is SEO Dead?  Be educated…

Here are three recent blog posts giving some of the details behind what is happening in the SEO world today. They are worthwhile reads before your IT manager or web developer comes in and says he needs to spend more money because the new Google changes knocked your website off the first page.

  1. Is SEO Dead?
  2. It’s All About Discoverability: Is SEO Dead? Does It Matter?
  3. Penguin Analysis: SEO Isn’t Dead, But You Need to Act Smarter (And 5 Easy Ways to Do So!)

How to Prioritize Website Spending to Improve Discoverability:

To suggest SEO is a complete waste of money may be going too far.  But there is no question Google and others are focused on finding ways they can be “gamed” and instead give value to the quality of the content.   Value is being defined by social – how much a piece of content is shared, viewed, linked, and commented on. And as algorithms get better at analyzing content and writing styles, so will the value of a quality piece of content go up.

Association leaders should focus on making sure their organizations are creating great content, and that a well-defined strategy aligned with your goals is in place and understood by your team to improve relevance and awareness of your association. It’s a balance of free information, restricted or member-only and paid content priced right.

How are you driving more valuable content to the web?


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