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Ten Business Lessons from Unschoolers

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I recently attended an Unschooling conference in Madison, WI.   Unschooling is similar to Unconferences, which many of you may be more familiar with,  where learning is unstructured and a collaborative process.   Unschooling is about giving our children real world experiences to learn.    Click here to learn more about the Madison Unschooling Conference.

One of the presentations was for the benefit of those of us who are new to this approach.  The table below describes the learning difference between the “schooling” approach vs the “un-schooling” approach.  What I also got out of this was the connection to the way many business are trying to train their teams to work together and empower individuals to foster innovation and meet the challenges we face today.

Business and other organizations spends a lot of money on this training.   It impacts governance, team development and ultimately sustainability.  Our schools, for the most part, are not turning out kids at any level ready to meet the demands of change today.

Check out this list and compare the differences.  Then share with us;  is your organization – corporation, association, non-profit, government agency, whatever – working hard to adopt the principles of a learning society?

In a schooling society


In a learning society

1. What knowledge is needed is decided by others 1. Individuals pursue knowledge that is personally useful or interesting
2. Memorization of facts to perform on tests 2.  Learning comes from doing
3.  Information is monetized 3.  Information is free, or is paid for if it is something that is wanted
4.  Learning only happens in prescribed environments and times 4.  Learning happens everywhere, at all times of the day and year
5.  Hierarchy is valued 5.  Relationships are valued
6. Decisions are based on rules 6.  Decisions are based on common sense, with nuance
7.  Everyone must produce the same thing in the same way, at the same time 7.  Innovation, problem solving and creativity to achieve the goal
8.  Competition permeates all aspects of the day 8.  Collaboration is valued
9.  Motivation to learn is extrinsic 9.  Motivation is intrinsic
10.  Learning is complete 10.  Learning never ends

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