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Seeking Digital Readers? Associations: Give away your Publications on eBook and OnLine and make more Revenue

Yes, I know, you where thinking that you would save all this money on printing costs as your members moved to eBooks and you would be making a ton of revenue to fund the decrease in membership.   Well, that may happen a in few years but initially it won’t.   The reason, people are not reading eBooks on tablets.

There is a lot of hype about eBooks and when Amazon sells it at cost and with Apple’s iPad being one of the greatest inventions of our time – it makes sense there is a lot of things being bought and the future of eBooks is bright.  But the fact is most people do not read on them.  They watch movies or surf the net.

Want a second option?  Check out Seth Godin’s recent Blog post   “The Null Set”  for his thoughts on this.

Just as Seth is encouraging Authors to give away titles to load up new Kindle and iPad device sales to encourage readers to use the device to read…so should you.    If you have the vision your membership will embrace eBooks and stop wanting the printed version…give them away with all printed versions or sell for much cheaper than the printed version or offer them for FREE.

Same is true online – open up your content to all, restrict very little of it.   Leverage content management systems that can expose existing your content to the world- highly discoverable AND can create “Pull” delivery (index, organized content delivered base on reader preferences).

IDEA!  Distribute all your eBook onLine, many tablets can access online eBooks…

Have the world visit your site..not Apple or Amazon.

The goal is attraction.  With attraction come relevance and influence.   With attraction, relevance and influence you have a bigger  “following” that you can find new ways to monetize and be sustainable to give even more content away.

Ready to make the leap?   Or in the words of Seth – “Poke the Box”??

Share with us how you are.


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