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Time to Act – Move to Digital – Learn How Texas Tech University Did

Do these challenges sound familiar?

In the face of rapidly growing cost you make the decision to move away from print and go to 100% digital.

  • Challenge: All Existing content is in PDF files from printed material
  • Challenge: Funding is being reduced
  • Challenge: Membership was only use to print and technology options were limited by IT departments.  
  • Challenge: You must achieve your Revenue goals as sales of content are a significant source of revenue.

If these challenges sound like you then you may want to invest a little time in the attached Case Study about The Curriculum Center for Family & Consumer Sciences, Texas Tech University.  

The opportunities with digital publishing are clear…but the options can be mind bending. XML, DITA, HTML5, ePub, ePub3, iBooks…I’ll stop, where do you start.   While these technologies need to be on your radar there are solutions to cost effectively share digital content, increase the discoverability of that content, control access, monetize and meet your goals to make your content more searchable and accessible on all devices – TODAY.  Have your own Content Repository up and running in weeks with existing content. 

Call me to learn how.   608-695-8438

David McKnight


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