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Gaining Traction with Social Media

Gaining Traction

Managing your social media presence will be where most organizations invest their marketing resources and in doing so should be looking at the many Social Media Management Software (SMMS) solution available.  It impacts the cost of human resources, speed to engage your community, monitoring and measuring results.

Just as ERP and CRM solutions have now become critical in managing business information…. SMMS will be in managing your communications… a big part of your Content or Knowledge Strategy… with any type of audience you need to connect with.

Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group has put together what I believe is the first comprehensive report on these new productivity tools.

CLICK HERE for Report

I’m highly interested in what Association Executives think about these tools.   As “community” builders Associations have led the charge on adoption of social media… except maybe in the dollars invested.

Even when free, volunteer time, has a price…. results are critical …relevance may depend not just on the quality of your content but how effective you are with connecting with your community.

Will you invest in one of these tools?


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