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Three Hot Digital Publishing Solutions You Should Learn about

Learn to Juggle

Finding solutions to help you complete in the new digital publishing world doesn’t have to require a huge amount of custom development or new process that take years to launch.   Matter of fact, you can’t afford NOT to be serious about digital publishing solutions or your organization will become less relevant…. no matter how good the knowledge you have to share.

OnLine Knowledge Management Publishing Platform

Tizra – www.tizra.com

A CMS (Content Management System) built for publishing not 100’s of pages of content like your website but 100’s of thousands of pages of EXISTING documents and files – in word, PDF, audio, video, any digital content.   Build a fully searchable and indexed solution with the access control associations and self-publishers need – free, member only, attendee only, paid – in under a month!

These solutions I discovered while attending the Gilbane Conference in Boston.


DCL – www.DCL.com

A solution for converting existing documents into high quality professionally converted eBook formats.  Yes, you can find some do this cheap, maybe free…. but there is no faster way to lose your reader than to have an eBook formatted poorly.    Highly technical documents require professionals.   And it’s still very affordable.   They offer on-demand solutions if you only have a few titles a year to affordable solutions for larger eBook publishers.   Leave it to the pros, focus on what you do best, your content.

XML workflow

XML is not just the future, it’s now.   It still can be costly to fully implement.  You can affordably start now with your newly created content so that you can begin to easily push that content to print, online and eBook formats.

Simply XML – www.simplyxml.com

They offer a tool for authors that work in Microsoft Word.   Style sheets and templates can be created that allow any average Microsoft Word user to output clean XML files.   These files can be output to PDF for print production, saved as XML for on-line content or knowledge management systems and can be converted to eBooks.

My recommendations are that self-publishers, including Associations, should be doing the following three things today:

1)   Get as much of your associations knowledge online in a easy to use and findable manner as possible

2)   Start distributing your knowledge in ways your members, audience, readers what to consume it – such as eBooks.

3)   Act now with as much knowledge as possible but start putting into place processes and workflows that allow your organization greater flexibility and the abilility to cost effectively distribute information in many different ways…leave no one behind that wants and needs your information.


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